From United Earth + United Civil to United Group

A Year of Getting Bigger and Better:

From United Earth and United Civil to United Group

Years from now, we’ll look back on 2023 as a huge milestone in the history of United Group. But right now, we’re taking time to reflect and celebrate the people who made this moment possible. Our team gathered for our annual Christmas party and celebrated as only United Group can, but it’s not only our team we want to thank. It’s you.

Thank You From United Group

This year, we dug deeper than United Earth and United Civil and debuted something much, much bigger, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you for partnering with United Group!

A Year of Getting Bigger

We’re here to do more than stir up dirt (though we’re still moving earth every day). This year, we wanted to let you know it, which is why we levelled up and became United Group. The change is more than an updated logo and new website, it’s us showing you improvement is who we are and that we’re dedicated to to providing better services and experiences.

We’ve spent the year sharpening our focus and aligning our goals with the needs of our partners, and the result? Some pretty monumental projects and some pretty epic partners.

We got bigger in 2023, but trust us, 2024 is something you’re going to want to follow along to see.

United Group